Friday, June 23, 2006


bands with colors in their names :

pink floyd
black sabbath
red hot chilli peppers
black eyed peas
white zombie
maroon 5
deep purple
blue oyster cult
green day
grey daze
simply red

got more?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

is your music taste rigged?

polyphonic hmi is a music analysis company founded in barcelona.HSS (Hit Song Science) is a software that uses a process called “spectral deconvolution” to isolate and analyse around 30 parameters that define a piece of music, including such things as sonic brilliance, octave, cadence, frequency range, fullness of sound, chord progression, timbre and “bend” (variations in pitch at the beginning and end of the same note). they have a database of about 3m songs that had successful musical arrangements with their distribution of popularity.
though music has changed considerably over the years, music intelligence software like "Music Science" of platinum blue ( "polyphonic hmi in 2005") can find that the patterns in the music of u2 are similar to beethoven compositions in lots of underlying parameters understood by the software.
HSS is now commercially used by a lot of pop recording companies. norah jones, anastacia, maroon 5 are apparantly using it with their albums to guage the popularity before releasing.
songs like "you're beautiful" by james blunt, "candy shop" by 50 cent were supposedly predicted by HSS to be stunning hits. it has been confirmed by a variety of recording companies that HSS predicts the hit pattern bullseye every time.
here is another astonishing piece of information : HSS is serving indian music industry since march. could himesh rashammiya be using this? HSS now has a database of indian pop music from its very roots.
now enough about the technology. how is this going to hamper creativity? isnt it enough that we already have run-of-the-mill bands that use guitars as percussion instruments? think of all those songs which are going to sound amazingly pleasing to your ear but sinisterly similar to each other at the same time.if we are going to let music take this path, then music is not going to evolve. we are going to kill it and we are going to become clockwork oranges who are programmed not to have a choice to dislike music.
isnt this very similar to the versificator in 1984 which generates hapless music in order to curb creativity among the masses?

favoritest u2 lines

what are your favoritest u2 lines?

mine :

Summer stretching on the grass
Summer dresses pass
In the shade of a willow tree
Creeps a crawling over me
Over me and over you
Stuck together with God's glue
It's going to get stickier too

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P.S. dont ask me stupid Qs as to why i dont buy my own music if i love it so much.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

jobs and dylan

what do steve jobs and bob dylan have in common ? i found these people quite similar though they were born more than a decade apart and followed totally differant careers.
what dylan did to music in his 20s, jobs did to computing at the same age. they both brought creativity into their professions and unleased a new wave of change that has affected music and computing that is today. they both had a midcareer slump. dylan in early 70's ( remember "nashville skyline", "self portrait" and "new morning" ?) and jobs when he left apple and apple computers had it slump in the early 90s. then both of them revived stunningly to reaffirm their relevance to their respective professions. think of "blood on the tracks", "infidels", "time out of mind", "ipod", "macbook pro", "imac","mac mini", "mac os x".
its not surprising that steve jobs, idolised bob dylan and its believed that jobs became the lover of joan baez in large measure because baez had been the lover of dylan.

fsirt psot

this has been pending for long. we badly need a blog to discuss music. anything music. songfacts, trivia, covers requests,recommendations etc. etc. i am going to keep this blog open for people. if you want to become a co-author of this blog, just drop in a comment requesting so and i will add you to the list and you can make your own posts with your bits about music. we need not restrict the discussion to any genre of music. lets talk about ms subbulakshmi, rush, bjork and shakira in the same breath. lets play.

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