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10000 trivia

am in love with 10000 days, the latest album by tool. if you dont know tool, then you should atleast know that they are the "intelligent man's rock band" like say, queensryche. this comparison might put someone off but i was just comparing the intelligence here.
ok now trivy time for 10000 days.

the album name came from the fact that keenan's mom was paralyzed and lived on a wheelchair for 27 years before death which is 10000 days approx.

the song "wings for marie" is referring to judith "marie" garrison, keenan's mom.

the song "rosetta stoned" comes from "rosetta stone" which is a carved granite stone used in archeology for deciphering heiroglyphs. also "rosetta stone" was used as a pen name for "dr. seuss" (fox in socks?), a famous children's author.

hidden message time. :-) .the song "intension" when played backwards carries the following message repeated twice at around 1 minute in the reversed track : "work hard; stay in school; listen to your mother; your father is right"

the song "lost keys (blame hoffman) is a tribute to dr. albert hoffman who discovered lsd.

"vigniti tres" translates to 23 in latin.

wow.. looks like you really dug for this post!

the rossetta stone being Dr.Seuss pen name and the 23 trivia were the best ones.

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