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Audio tip - 1

I am tired of writing my mp3s ( ya ya i know lossy but glossy ) from my CD collection on re-writable CDs to listen on my home theater. My home theater, ( Sony DAV - DX 150 which plays divx too) though a good one is stupid that it wont play if there are more than 200 mp3s on the root folder (Hence writing them on DVDs in mp3 format is just not an option). And so i ended up rewriting cds every alternate day with my freshly acquired mp3s for the mood.

Found a solution. The new Roxio Toast Titanium 7 on my mbp is able to write Music DVDs with customizable menus, playlists, shuffle etc etc. The audio format is dolby digital 192 kbps ( not customizable). The downside is that it takes about 5 hours on my 1.83 GHz dual core mbp to encode my mp3z onto dolby digital format. Upside is that it holds more than 500 songs with a dolby digital encoding with shuffle,playlists etc for manipulating play orders.

Since the source is mp3 the quality is not mindblowing but pretty much ok ( i am a audiophile who hears artifacts on 128kbps mp3s with a sampling rate of 44 kHz. )

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