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Audio tip - 2

Want more more more more quality out of your music and mp3 is killing it? try FLAC ( Free lossless audio codec ). No more of codecs deciding normal human hearing and weeding out supposedly unheard frequencies. I've decided to re-do my complete collection ( which is currently in mp3 and Ogg vorbis ) in FLAC now. The downside obviously is the space. FLAC occupies roughly about 5 times more space than a 128 kbps mp3 ( i hate them ). I should have done this long ago if only i had the time (cpu cycles and mine) and space ( Terrabyte disks out yet ? ). The best part i guess is that the support for FLAC is increasing well these days. My toast titanium is supporting FLAC ( thy be w000000test ). It can write Music DVDs and Audio CDs from FLAC. Combine this with Audio Tip 1 and you can see my intellectual masturbation reaching a near orgasm.

..like.. can u like.. please give a glossary section with your posts so like.. the rest of us normal people can like.. you know.. know what ur talking abt dude..

seriously tho... how are u gonna store all those CDs?? are u gonna build a diff room for ur CDs? I thing very soon ppl of our generations will need a CD room.. like a freezer room.

storage is the problem.. storage can be on DVDs first and then storage of the DVDs somewhere.. or maybe ill buy a blu-ray or hd-dvd burner.. or build myself a storage rack for storing terrabytes

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