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degrading music

where is the music industry heading ? i have this weird feeling that music is degrading with each passing year. i am sure all of you will agree. is it just that everyone kind of gets stuck to the songs/genre they liked first (maybe in their teens or in college) and expect everything else to be like it and they discover its not and then automatically start having a hate toward everything which isnt their like? though outwardly sounds like a plausible explanation, its far from true. most of us are open to genre shifts at various points in our life. like a teenager discovering rock n roll, then moving on to country, classics and classical as he ages. so its not our rigidity with a genre/era that is making it look like music is degrading. the truth is that it actually is.

Reminds me of Rush's song "spirit of the radio" where the lines go like.. "...all these machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted, not so coldly charted.." , ".. one likes to beleive in the freedom of music, but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity.." and "..for the words of the profits are written on the studio wall, concert hall-- echoes with the sounds of salesmen." the song hits it right on the head. point one is that even in 1980, geddy lee feels that music is rotting. point two, he blames it on the marketing and the music labels associated with the musician. I would also like to cite another example in the book "the clockwork orange" where alex likes ludwig van ( beethoven as referred by alex ), mozart, rossini, schubert etc. and thinks that the modern music of his era ( pianos and blues ) is all cal ( nadsat for crap ).

which contemporary band do you like the most ?
i tried answering and i really cant come out with more than 2 or 3 (tool,u2?,coldplay?) all of whom have been better earlier actually. i really cant stand most of the albums that have been released in the last 10 years.

it sends shivers through my spine to think of how music will be when i am 40. if we let the marketing managers of record labels dictate our music taste, we are going to be fueling someone's greed and also end up spoiling some great, talented, yet greedy and foolish bands. think of what happened to metallica. Do we want load, reload and St. Anger? encourage indie labels and start digging for your music and dont pick up anything from the "hot new" or "rocking new releases" from your supermarket. did you know that supermarkets employ people to crowd next to "new releases" and to pretend picking up the cds with zest like they were normal shoppers. so stop buying or listening to commercial music. you are doing your future generations and music a gargantuan favor.

i guess its moving towards a niche audience. a famous band in one genre now would probably never make an anthem and cross over to a mainstream audience a la bon jovi or bryan adams or even metallica(hope byran adams is disabled by your blog).
as for degrading quality i don;t know maybe its just reached a saturation point of creativity and we are waiting for a messiah, like sabbath broke upon sissy music that was happening then or nirvana infused energy into rock.
maybe we just need to pick and choose more now and go back to assorted collections.
maybe that's why i've begun to identify with psy trance as the music that gets you going. no lyrics to sing-to. no riffs of the guitar to dwell deep and absorb. no vocalist to react to. no soft instruments or soft music to get bored about. pure electronic sublte beats that vibes into you.
i don't how big a factor age is buthardcore ppl hardcore, so it must be the music that sucks now !!!

"hope byran adams is disabled by your blog" hahahhaaaaa...

the thing I've been noticing across music of all genres and languages is the repetition.

I mean.. if its trance or club i can sort of understand it.. but hell the same tune loops endlessly in the background and the same bloody words repeat over and over with a few different lines thrown in as a bonus!

@sou: no it does not! pay attention, feel the layers. listen to psycho, merlin, who a m i,.. use ur headphones.

as far as music 'today' goes, i believe every generation has felt this way. just talk to ur mom or uncle.

oh yea and ur school/junior college going cousin. brings a lil perspective in.

:( i meant that if music/ words do loop in some trance or club numbers i can understand it.. coz they are trying to bring about an effect .. i didn't mean all trance and club have loopy music .. i love trance music i know they have layers.

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